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Glass Decor Printing

Glass décor types, sizes, consumer demand, and more…

The Décor Glass industry has enjoyed a steady market demand over the years. Recently the variety of glass bottle shapes and container sizes has exploded world-wide. Consumer demand for unique glass bottle shapes and sizes continues to rise offering companies an ever diverse roster of products with new brands showing up and competing in retail daily. Bulk Wholesale Bottle suppliers and packaging report a steady rise in demand as well. It is estimated that glass decor will steadily rise throughout the foreseeable future in the U.S. and Canadian markets, which means companies must plan for consumer demand and plan accordingly, or risk falling behind the fierce competition.While it has taken some time for the Glass Decoration and bottle screen printing market to develop in North America, it has caught on strong in the last decade and growing upwards of 5% to 10% annually. This has been a pleasant and welcome surprise to U.S. Distributors as they now play “catch up” to their European counterparts, where Glass Bottle Décor has been the consumer standard for years. As such, with the demand to keep up with the consumer glass decor and bottle decoration market, U.S. companies have turned to their counterparts in Germany, France, the UK, (as well as most of Western & Eastern Europe) by using Applied Ceramic Labeling (ACL), often referred to as UV Screen bottle label imprinting & glass decoration because of the stunning & elegant aesthetic labeling results, affordability, and flexibility.

Practically any bottle type and size can be enhanced through ACL Glass Decor. 750ml or growlers, screen printed beer labels, 12oz bulk Longneck, 22oz Bombers, 16oz bottles, or an assortment of 1oz, 2oz, 5oz, 6oz, 8oz bottles of practically any shape imaginable.  From Wine Bottle Labels to Olive Oil Labels, Beer and Liquor Labeling to Cosmetic jars, face and skincare labels, candle labels, virtually all glass substrate products can take advantage of screen printing. The advantages of screen printing on glassware offers significant advantages over conventional printed labels and are quickly becoming the viable replacement for traditional paper labels.

Silk Screen offers a superior direct to glass printing solution and it also affords a major market advantage over paper labeling, in that the entire surface area of the bottle and/or décor glass container is subject to being utilized as a viable printable inventory area… in other words the bottle substrate surface itself is the “canvas”.  Considering the vast demand and uses for smaller format bottle/containers… printable area is a premium concern for many products.  Simply put in this case bottle shape/size matters and can actually make the difference between proper marketing, conveyance of message, aesthetic branding and appeal… vs paper labels that meet little or none of these important factors.

What benefits does Glass Decor bottle decoration offer?

  • Won’t scratch, fade, stain, tear, or peel
  • Design canvas flexibility for the entire container shape
  • 360º glass décor bottle wrap color printing
  • Product Differentiation in Retail that stands out from competition
  • Superior consumer impact with increased shelf appeal
  • Increased market perception value due and aesthetics
  • Significant Increase in bottle efficiency
  • Cost competitive vs. conventional paper labels


Marketing the Elegance of Glass Decor & Bottle Labels

The perceived aesthetic value of any product can not be underestimated, it is a crucial element for any brand identity and mission critical for all markets.  Purchasing has always been based on market demand and perceived product value, while this is certainly true for any/all markets there is another fact equally important…   Everyone “window shops” – how many Netflix movies have you watched just because the Poster Thumbnail image “caught your eye” or looked really cool etc… Glass Labeling your brand or bottles with effective art work and detail to the aesthetic is not only smart business, it’s mission critical.  What can a potential brand do to set itself apart from the competition and stand out?  Bottle Screen Printing and Labeling not only gives you a more elegant and bold shelf appeal, Screen ACL printing differentiates your product and brand good will in the market place, your consumer WOW FACTOR, EYE CANDY FACTOR…  Consumers buy on demand and perceived value AND Consumers SHOP with their eyes!

Premium Consumer perception:  Screen package glass décor is recognized and used by many of the most respected and well known prestigious brands world-wide, From Liquor and Spirits bottles, Cosmetics and Candles, to Automotive glass. to Medical products… Even CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, Video Game DiscMasters etc..  All benefit from Glass Décor and silk screen substrate imprinting.

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